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Forever WIP

WARNING: Small version lacks some bells and whistles! Rotate your device to landscape orientation/resize the browser window in order to see them.

Daudix's Snug Nook

Hello there, welcome to my neocities website; a place where I'm free to experiment and change.

This isn't my main website and never will be, but that doesn't make it any less interesting!

Maybe you're wondering: Why the hell does this thing look like it's straight from 2010's (not really but has the vibes)? the answer is simple: it's made on purpose, nostalgia'n'stuff y'know?

The website uses some modern CSS features but has this coozy skeuomorphic look, it was actually really hard to get it right since... you know... virtually no website today uses such design :<

Even though I wasn't around at the time, I feel nostalgia and warmth looking at the old versions of sites like DeviantArt, more on that later I suppose :D

More bells and whistles (and some exclusive content perhaps?) will be added when I feel like so. Yeah, forever WIP!

Credits <3